Want your LinkedIn profile to show up in more searches? Nail your keyword research – I’ll show you how.

Want your LinkedIn profile to show up in more searches? Nail your keyword research - I'll show you how.

Ever feel like you’re getting lost in the crowd on LinkedIn?

Like your profile just blends in with everyone else’s?

The fix is simpler than you think – nailing your keyword research.

See, LinkedIn runs on keywords, just like Google.

The right keywords can shoot your profile to the top of recruiter searches.

The wrong ones? You’ll be swimming in a sea of obscurity.

So let’s dive into exactly how to find those golden keywords:

#1. Make a list of your target roles/jobs

What positions are you aiming for? List them all out.

#2. Identify industry keywords

Google around to see how people describe your target roles.

What terms do companies use? What skills do they prioritize?

#3. Include tools & technologies

Every industry has its own tools and technologies.

Do your research to find the relevant ones for your field.

#4. Use keyword modifiers

“Senior Marketing Manager” and “Marketing Manager” are different keywords.

So list out varieties like this using modifiers like “senior”, “junior”, etc.

#5. Check out LinkedIn’s suggestions

Type different keywords into the LinkedIn search bar.

Check out the suggestions that dropdown – it’s a gold mine!


Now you’ve got a big ol’ list of relevant, clickable keywords.

Time to sprinkle them throughout your headline, summary, experience, and skills.

But don’t just copy-paste them in a big blob!

Use them strategically within full sentences that showcase your value.

Still feeling stuck on finding your perfect LinkedIn keywords?

Drop your target role(s) in the comments.

I’ll share customized keyword examples to uplevel your profile!


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