What Salary Do You REALLY Deserve?

What Salary Do You REALLY Deserve?

If I asked you how much you deserve to be paid, could you give me a number?

Or would you just wildly guess based on your last paycheck?

The sad truth is, most people have no idea what their true market value is.

And it costs them BIG TIME when salary negotiations roll around.

Hiring managers lowball you.

Leaving you to settle for less pay than you’re worth.

All because you didn’t know how to position and advocate for yourself properly.

Well, not anymore!

I’m going to share my step-by-step system for determining your worth.

Plus ninja negotiation tactics to help you start getting paid like the rockstar you are.

Here’s how it’s done:

1/ First, research salary data for your role, experience level, skill set and location.

Sites like Payscale, Glassdoor and Salary.com have tons of free data to dig into.

Don’t just look at averages though – understand the full salary range.

Top earners making $X while lower earners rake in $Y.

Where do you fall on that range?

2/ Next, make a list of your biggest achievements, certifications, and unique value-adds.

Quantify your results as much as possible with numbers, stats and $$ figures.

These will be your bargaining chips to justify a higher salary than average.

3/ During interviews, ask insightful questions to understand the struggles the role solves for.

Find their pain points – then pitch yourself as the ideal solution worth paying more for.

4/ Finally, when you get an offer, don’t immediately accept the first number they throw out!

Use the data you gathered to politely push back and negotiate something higher.

Employers expect you to counter after all.

It’s a dance choreographed from day one.

Nervous about determining your true market worth and negotiating a bigger salary?

Drop your job title, location, and years of experience in the comments or DM me.

I’ll run some sample salary data for you to use as a baseline!


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