Writing a LinkedIn Summary That Stops the Scroll

Writing a LinkedIn Summary That Stops the Scroll

“Devieka, can you help me in writing a LinkedIn summary that makes me memorable?”


Every day, I help professionals navigate the ever-changing world of work.

But this one question keeps popping up.


Are you also wondering how to craft a killer LinkedIn summary that grabs recruiters’ attention?

Well, wonder no more!

With over 500 million users, LinkedIn is the go-to platform for professionals to connect and showcase their skills.

But how do you make yourself stand out in a sea of profiles?

The answer: a compelling LinkedIn summary.

Think of your summary as your digital elevator pitch. It’s those crucial first few sentences that grab a recruiter’s attention and convince them to learn more about you.

Here’s how to craft a LinkedIn summary that gets you noticed and lands you your dream job.

Showcase Your Personality and Values

When writing a LinkedIn summary, remember it isn’t just about listing your skills and experience.

It’s a chance to showcase your unique personality and the values that drive you.

Ditch the robotic, generic bio and inject some authenticity!

Here’s how to do it:

  • Highlight your passions: Are you a data whiz who thrives on solving problems with innovative solutions? Or maybe you’re a creative marketing guru with a knack for storytelling? Share what excites you professionally!
  • Mention unique experiences: Did you volunteer abroad or participate in a hackathon that honed your coding skills? Let your experiences paint a picture of who you are beyond your job title.
  • Express your values: Do you believe in a collaborative work environment or a culture of continuous learning? Sharing your values helps potential employers determine if you’d be a good fit for their team.

By incorporating these elements, you’re not just telling recruiters what you do, you’re showing them who you are – a passionate, well-rounded professional they’d love to have on their team.

Speak Their Language: Power Words and Keywords

Recruiters are busy people. They use keywords to quickly find qualified candidates. So, sprinkle your summary with relevant industry terms and powerful verbs that showcase your skills.

Pro Tip: Identify keywords from job descriptions you’re targeting and weave them naturally into your summary.

Here are some power words to consider:

  • Results-oriented
  • Strategic
  • Innovative
  • Collaborative
  • Data-driven
  • Proactive

Remember, don’t just throw in keywords for the sake of it. Ensure they accurately reflect your skills and experience.

By strategically incorporating these elements, you’ll climb the ranks in search results and catch the eye of recruiters seeking your expertise.

Don’t Be Shy. Brag About Your Achievements (But Do It Right)

Your LinkedIn summary is the perfect platform to toot your own horn (professionally, of course!).

Highlight your most impressive accomplishments to showcase your value to potential employers.

Here’s how to make your achievements shine:

  • Quantify your successes: Did you increase sales by 20% or lead a project that saved the company X amount of dollars? Use numbers to demonstrate the impact you’ve made.
  • Focus on results: Don’t just list your responsibilities. Explain what you achieved in each role.
  • Mention awards and recognition: Did you receive an “Employee of the Month” award or recognition for exceptional performance? Share it!

By showcasing your achievements, you’re not bragging – you’re demonstrating your capabilities and track record of success. Recruiters want to see what you’ve accomplished, so don’t be afraid to highlight your impressive wins.

What Makes You – You? Highlighting Your Unique Skills

What sets you apart from the crowd?

Do you have a specific programming language you’ve mastered?

Are you a natural leader who inspires and motivates others?

Highlight your unique skills in your summary!

Here are some tips for showcasing your skills:

  • Go beyond the obvious: Don’t just list generic skills everyone has on their profile.
  • Provide examples: Briefly explain how you’ve used your skills to achieve success in previous roles.
  • Don’t forget soft skills: Communication, teamwork, and adaptability are highly sought-after qualities. Highlight these alongside your hard skills.

For instance, let’s say you’re a graphic designer applying for roles that involve user interface (UI) design.

Many graphic designers can create beautiful visuals, but what if you have a background in psychology and can leverage that knowledge to design UIs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also intuitive and user-friendly?

Here’s how you could highlight this unique skill in your summary:

I’m a passionate graphic designer with a keen eye for aesthetics and a unique edge – a background in psychology! This allows me to craft UIs that are not just visually stunning but also user-centric, considering the psychology behind user behavior to create intuitive and engaging interfaces.

This example showcases your design skills but also highlights a unique quality – your understanding of user psychology – making you a standout candidate for UI/UX design roles.

By showcasing your unique skillset, you position yourself as a valuable asset to potential employers and stand out from a pool of generic profiles.

The Final Push: Include a Call to Action

Your LinkedIn summary shouldn’t be a passive read. Tell recruiters what you want them to do next!

Here are some clear calls to action to consider:

  • “Connect with me to learn more about my experience!”
  • “Schedule a call to discuss how I can help your team!”
  • “Visit my portfolio to see my work in action!”

Remember, Your Summary is a Living Document. As your career evolves, so should your LinkedIn summary.

Regularly update it with new achievements, skills you’ve honed, and any certifications you’ve earned. This keeps your profile fresh and showcases your ever-growing value proposition.

Now it’s your turn!

Take these tips, infuse them with your unique personality, and craft a LinkedIn summary that will grab recruiters’ attention and land you your dream job.

The professional world awaits – go conquer it!

(If you don’t have time and need help in writing a LinkedIn summary, I can help!)


1. What are some key elements to include when writing a LinkedIn summary to make it stand out to recruiters?

In order to make your LinkedIn summary stand out to recruiters, you should include a concise and engaging summary of your professional background, highlight your key skills and accomplishments, showcase your unique value proposition, use industry-specific keywords, and demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm for your field.

Additionally, consider incorporating relevant achievements, quantifiable results, and a call to action to encourage recruiters to connect with you.

By providing a clear and compelling snapshot of your qualifications and expertise, you can increase your chances of grabbing the attention of recruiters and standing out among other candidates.

2. How can you tailor your LinkedIn summary to highlight your unique skills and experiences?

When writing a LinkedIn summary, showcase your distinct skills and experiences by using specific examples that demonstrate your expertise. Highlight key accomplishments and use keywords related to your sought-after skills.

Keep the tone professional and engaging to capture the attention of potential connections and employers. Share your passion for your field and explain how your background sets you apart from others.

Remember to include a clear call to action, inviting others to connect or learn more about your qualifications. By personalizing your summary to reflect your individual strengths, you can effectively showcase your unique value on LinkedIn.

3. What are some common mistakes to avoid when writing a LinkedIn summary for recruiters?

When writing a LinkedIn summary for recruiters, avoid being vague or generic. Instead, focus on highlighting your unique skills and experiences that make you stand out. Avoid using jargon or buzzwords that may confuse recruiters.

Additionally, don’t forget to include a call to action at the end, inviting recruiters to connect or learn more about your background. Finally, proofread your summary carefully to ensure it is free of spelling and grammatical errors.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can create a compelling and engaging LinkedIn summary that catches the attention of recruiters.

4. How important is it to use keywords and industry-specific language when writing a LinkedIn summary?

It is crucial to use keywords and industry-specific language in your LinkedIn summary to increase your visibility to potential employers or connections who are searching for relevant skills and experience.

By incorporating these terms, you are more likely to attract the attention of recruiters and industry professionals who are looking for candidates with specific qualifications and expertise. This will help you stand out in a crowded job market and increase your chances of making valuable connections within your desired industry.

Be strategic and intentional in your word choice to make the most impact when writing a LinkedIn summary.

5. How can you use storytelling or personal anecdotes to make your LinkedIn summary more engaging and memorable to recruiters?

You can weave in personal stories or anecdotes that highlight your unique experiences or achievements to make your LinkedIn summary stand out to recruiters.

By sharing specific examples of challenges you’ve overcome or successes you’ve had, you can create a more engaging and memorable profile that showcases your skills and personality. This personal touch can help recruiters connect with you on a deeper level and make a lasting impression.

Be authentic and show your passion for your work through storytelling to make your summary more impactful.

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