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I am Devieka Gautam (‘Devieka’ pronounced as “They-We-Ka”).

I used to work as a consultant at a Fortune 200 firm, thriving in my role, until the abrupt pandemic layoff changed everything.

Suddenly without a job, I knew I had to turn this low point into a positive milestone. Driven by a growth mindset, I craved a new path where I could leverage my skills and passion.

I decided to venture into freelancing, offering my writing services on Fiverr. The platform was unfamiliar, but given my belief in my skills, I was determined to make it work.

The journey wasn’t easy. I faced countless challenges, from understanding the platform to managing client expectations. But each hurdle only fueled my determination.

With perseverance, I achieved my first breakthrough – I earned twice my corporate salary in the 1st month without a job. I then achieved another breakthrough – making over $150,000 on Fiverr. Inspired by my success, I created a ‘Freelancing on Fiverr’ course, helping over 1600+ people find their footing in freelancing. Ps. Fiverr follows me!


Realizing I wanted to scale up my income while serving others, I leaned into my MBA experience. I had a knack for helping colleagues ace interviews, so I decided to make it official – I got certified in interview coaching from a top US institute – the Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Career Coaches (PARWCC).

I founded BRANDxDASH, a professional branding and career writing firm. We offer ATS resume writing, LinkedIn optimization, interview coaching, and more, helping clients globally.

Today, BRANDxDASH has worked with clients in 90+ countries, elevating their professional brand presence. My journey from corporate employee to entrepreneur has been challenging but incredibly rewarding.



My work at BRANDxDASH is the perfect blend of my skills and passion. Every success story fuels my mission to empower professionals to recognize their unique value in today’s competitive market.

Here’s what my clients say:  

1. “Devieka’s expertise was a game-changer, helping me stand out in the professional arena.”

2. “Devieka’s attention to detail and commitment to authenticity enhanced my professional brand while preserving my unique professional identity.”

3. “Devieka’s reliability, competence, and ethical work ethic set her apart. Her efficiency in delivering results is a tremendous asset.”

Let’s connect and elevate your professional brand together! 🚀 

Fun fact: My idea of relaxing is driving and drinking iced black coffee (not at the same time).

P.S. If you’re interested in hiring me for speaking engagements or collaborating on exciting projects, I’m always open to new and exciting opportunities as a public speaker, motivational speaker, college and student mentor, workshop facilitator, panelist, and more. Please feel free to write to me at

Your trusted Professional Branding & Career Writing Strategist serving 2,500+ professionals and organizations across 90+ countries.

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